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Child development is a discipline, which has specific principles, concepts and theories that have emerged as a result of growing awareness in relation to importance of the childhood. The main goal of the child development discipline is to develop and implement methods to optimize development of the child. It is a social responsibility to monitor and assess development of each child, and to take necessary measures, and to give necessary support.

The aim of the Child Development Program in the Vocational School of Health Services in İstanbul Bilgi University is to train “Child Development Technicians” that will assist in assessing development of children with typical and atypical development, in all development areas according to their age, guiding them to different specialization areas to find a solution, and developing and implementing education and support programs, based on scientific and current methods.

Graduates of the Child Development Program can work in education, healthcare, social services, and in many other industries, or they may continue their education by transferring to Child Development Undergraduate Program or Preschool Teacher Undergraduate Program of various universities, with the Vertical Transfer Examination.

The medium of instruction is Turkish.