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Domino Lectures: “The Power of Network Science in Social Sciences, Organizations, and Innovation?”

Domino Lectures: “The Power of Network Science in Social Sciences, Organizations, and Innovation?”

Date: 25 May 2021, Tuesday

Time: 19.00-21.00



In the past 20 years, Network Science has become one of the most sought-after methodologies across scientific disciplines and practical fields, with distinct contributions from network medicine to organizational development, and from political networks to social movements. The comprehensive methodology is compatible with mixed-methods research designs, grounded in inter-disciplinary theory, with a direct connection between metrics and meaning, and thriving on new technologies. In this talkthe relevance of applied network science for social impact will be showcased in three of my main areas of work: corruption research, organizational development, and sustainable innovation ecosystems. Three main questions will be addressed: Why do anti-corruption policies fail and how can we improve them? Who are the key people that move organizations forward through tough times and how can we keep them around? How can we build a sustainable innovation ecosystem in a formal industrial city by designing social and cultural interaction networks? The talk focuses on three key aspects of applied Network Science: (1) the empowering exercise of mapping complex relations, (2) the measurement of importance and influence, (3) the actionable insights generated. Finallysome thought-provoking questions will be raised for the audience, with respect to the potential they see in adopting a network approach in their own work. Keywords: applied network science, corruption research, organizational development, innovation ecosystems, mapping complex system.


Dr. Silvia FIERĂSCU - Lecturer, Department of Philosophy and Communication Sciences, West University of Timișoara, Romania



Ivo Furman, Faculty Member, PhD, BilgiMEDIA

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