Space Talks No:95 – Oriol Carrasco

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Date: November 22, 2022 - Tuesday  

Time: 6 P.M. (Türkiye Time) 


Speaker: Oriol Carrasco


We are pleased to announce that Oriol Carrasco will be our guest with his talk on “Following Gaudí's Footsteps” in the 95th episode of Space Talks (Mekan Konuşmaları), hosted by the students of the Architecture Graduate Programmes at Istanbul Bilgi University.


Gaudí as a character is difficult to describe, in his genius he was much more than an architect, he was also an artist, a mix between a geometrician and a sculptor but before all, a Visionaire. He combined the beauty of nature, or the original beauty as he called it, with the extreme rigor of geometry, shapes and light. We have a vision of him as a mystic person absent from the world, but that is far from reality. In this talk, we will see some of the works from Gaudí and try to understand his context and epoch, to quickly focus on Sagrada Familia, his last and still unfinished work. As he described it, what he was proposing was the underlayer of a rhythm that already existed, and thus he only needed to replicate it in stone. He set in those stones the rules and language of his design for future generations, guiding them to continue developing his work, one that he soon realized will never see completed. 


Oriol Carrasco is a Ph.D. architect from Barcelona. He has been combining teaching and working in the engineering and architectural fields since 2005, and considers himself passionate about computational design, prototyping of real-scale mock-ups and novel fabrication methods. During the last years, he has been part of the design to production team at Sagrada Familia, working on the fabrication design of pinnacles for the evangelists' towers. In the academic field, he is a member from IAAC Faculty, where he teaches in the Master of Advanced Architecture and collaborates in the 3D Printing Architecture Postgraduate; and teaches Building Construction and Computational Design at UIC Barcelona.


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