TRACK10 - İstanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Communication Visual Communicatıon Design and Photography & Video Departments Annual Student Exhibition

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Since 2001, the annual exhibition has brought together and displayed student works, using an in- house developed user interface under themes such as Network, Flying, Depth, Rocket Science, Compression, Implant, Taction, Data Fragmentation and Error. This year opting for the new theme is Pattern.

For perceiving and separating objects in our environment, form and colour are two basic properties that we benefit from. With this year’s theme, TRACK10 suggests that pattern is also an important agent by containing different layouts within and providing more information than the form or the colour. Presented in this context, TRACK10 is exhibiting the student works to the evaluation of cultural, professional and academic circles.

Since their conception, the departments of Visual Communication Design and Photography & Video have supported the use of new media technologies in the areas of creation, presentation and preservation. Last year at Track/09, the interface allowed participants to use their body movements to move through works. This year, same interface will be improved and presented to the participants. Having enjoyed for the last ten years great attention both from cultural and academic circles and international research & development companies, TRACK10 is expecting similar interest this year.


Established in 1996 as the first in its field in Turkey, İstanbul Bilgi University Department of Visual
Communication Design presents an aesthetically sensitive and technology-based education by adopting international standards, following current developments in the professional field internationally, with the aim of meeting criteria of excellence in both the academic and professional sense. The department aims at combining the areas of graphic design, photography, animation, multi-media design, web design, interactive video, desktop publishing within the formation of visual and digital media design.

Initiated in 2003 within Visual Communication Design to meet the requirements of the digital age we live in, the Photography and Video Program perceives photography as a media conveying messages, creating meaning, interacting with developing multi-media, further focusing on video production as well. Through an extensive elaboration of photography and video practices across cultural, social, aesthetical and commercial contexts, together with a comprehensive training in technical and practical skills this field requires, the program serves as a preparation to the fields of professional photography and video that awaits students following their graduation.

Structured around an academic hierarchy of not age or seniority but knowledge and experience, the Visual Communication Design and Photography & Video Departments feature an academic staff including many young members and intend fulfilling the requirements of international education with highly-qualified computer labs, animation lab, photography studio, cameras, video production and editing equipment, outstanding in their innovative course programs executed in a creative, productive, sharing, competitive and dynamic atmosphere.