Press Conference and Panel Research Findings on the Implementation of The Law on The Protection of The Family: Narratives of The Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers

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The Law on the Protection of the Family, No. 4320, since its enactment in 1998, has been a target of criticisms and in the focus of the many discussions in several aspects from its conformity with the cultural structure in Turkey to the differences in its implementation. Upon the severe criticisms of the women’s organizations, the law was revised by clarifying certain issues in 2007. Yet these amendments did not cease the discussions on the law. İstanbul Bilgi University Human Rights Law Research Center has conducted a research on the implementation of the Law on the Protection of the Family. The research aimed at elucidating how the law is perceived and how it is implemented by the judges, prosecutors and lawyers.

A press conference and panel will be held, where the findings of the research will be presented. The conference program will continue with a speech by Minister of Family and Social Policies, Fatma Şahin and Habibe Yılmaz Kayar from the Center for Legal Support to Women Association on the new draft law on the protection of women and the other family members from violence.