Discovering Istanbul from A to Z

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Between the dates of May 14 - 23, Istanbul Bilgi University’s Graduate Program in Visual Communication Design - VCDMFA, will continue to organize the second phase of the international workshop:

Discovering Istanbul from A to Z

Collaborating with the Institute for Information Design Japan - IIDj, graduate level students, academicians and professionals coming from Austria, France, Germany and Turkey participate in the second workshop.

During the workshops, participants will have the opportunity not only to become familiar with DesignFactors –a structured method for assisting the modeling of design developments and decisions of all kinds, but also to improve design skills and professional experiences in a unique travel-guide project: Istanbul A-Z. A compilation of uniquely personal views on Istanbul, involving more than 70 contributors. The content will be published in four different channels - a book, a web/online presence, a documentary film, and an interactive exhibition event.

For further details, please refer to the workshop website:

We invite you all to the following lectures organized within this workshop:

                May 14
                Andreas Schneider, Information Design
                Opening Lecture

                May 15
                Korhan Gümüş, Human Settlements
                Guest Lecture: City Branding - Bottom > Up

                May 17
                Murat Belge, Comparative Literature
                Guest Lecture: A Pinch of This - Engaging in Conversations

                May 18
                Deniz Ünsal, Art and Culture Management
                Guest Lecture: Here and There - Opportunities of Context Driven Publishing

                May 19
                Pelin Derviş, Architecture and Design
                Guest Lecture: Crumbs and Trails - Stitching Stories

(All lectures will be held at Santral E1.101B and start from 16.00. We will have limited seats)

        Cihangir Istek, Assoc. Prof. Dr.
         VCD Department Chair and on behalf of the Organization Team