"Coping with Anger" Seminar

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Speaker: MA Psychologist Gökçen Yıldız
Date: May 7, 2012 Monday
Time: 12:00-13:00
Place: Kuştepe Campus, KS-5
Anger is the essential part of our survival mechanism. Accurate channeling of anger or expressing it in a constructive way rather than suppresing and eradicating this feeling saves life, expands our living space and makes us free. For the individual to experience his/her anger, which is a natural emotion, without harming him/herself or others, s/he should first recognize the anger and then experience it in a healthy way without being afraid of expressing anger positively.

The dates and contents of the sessions are briefly noted below:

What is anger? Types and reasons of anger Noticing anger,  alternative expressions Relaxation methods, assessment

“Coping with Anger” Seminar is open only to İstanbul Bilgi University students and is free. Registration is not required.

For detailed information and questions:  Gökçen Yıldız: gokcen.yildiz@bilgi.edu.tr