Discriminatory Discourse and the Role of the Media

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Speakers: Prof. Teun van Dijk (Pompeu Fabra University), Prof. Charles Husband (Bradford University)
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Arus Yumul (İstanbul Bilgi University)
Date: October 12, 2012
Time: 3:30-6:00 p.m.
Place: Santral Campus, E1-301 (Cinema Hall)

Teun van Dijk, one of the world’s most prominent scholars in the field of critical discourse studies and Charles Husband, internationally known  with his work on media and ethnic diversity will be discussing hate speech.

English-Turkish simultaneous translation will be available.

The panel will be broadcast online from the Hrant Dink Foundation’s website  www.hrantdink.org in both languages.
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Teun A. Van Dijk:
Teun A. van Dijk was professor of discourse studies at the University of  Amsterdam until 2004, and is at present professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. After earlier work on generative poetics, text grammar, and the psychology of text processing, his work since 1980 takes a more critical perspective and deals with discursive racism, news  in the press, ideology, knowledge and context. He is the author of several  books in most of these areas, and he edited The Handbook of Discourse Analysis  (4 vols, 1985) the introductory book  Discourse Studies  (2 vols., 1997; new one-volume edition, 2011) as well as the reader The Study of Discourse (5 vols., 2007).

He founded 6 international journals, Poetics, Text (now Text & Talk), Discourse & Society, Discourse Studies, Discourse & Communication  and the internet journal in Spanish Discurso & Sociedad (www.dissoc.org), of which he still edits the latter four. His last monographs in English are  Ideology  (1998),  Racism and discourse in Spain and Latin America  (2005),  Discourse and Context (2008), Society and Discourse  (2009). His last edited books are   Racism at the Top (2000, with Ruth Wodak), and Racism and Discourse in Latin America (2009).

Teun van Dijk, who holds two honorary doctorates, has lectured widely in many countries, especially in Latin America. With Adriana Bolivar he founded the Asociación Latino-americana de Estudios del Discurso (ALED), in 1995. For a list of publications, recent articles, resources for discourse studies and other information, see his homepage: www.discourses.org.

Charles Husband:
Charles Husband is professor of social analysis at the University of Bradford and docent in sociology at the University of Helsinki. His work focuses on ethnic relations, media and ethnic diversity, social cohesion and counter-terrorism, inter-ethnic relations, and interdiciplinary research. He specifically focuses on the role of the mass media in generating and reproducing ideologies of racism and social exclusion. He has an international visibility through his work on ethnicity and the management of diversity; where his work has related academic analysis with practical policy development in journalism, social work, health care and state policy. His current work involves a continuing programme of research with Prof Tom Moring ( University of Helsinki) in developing our understanding of the role of the media in language maintenance, and the development of a post-graduate programme in Indigenous Journalism at the Sami University College in Kautokeino, Norway. He is the co-author of Representing Race: Racisms, Ethnicities and Media (2005, with John Downing). He is a scientific advisor to the UNESCO initiative, the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism. For further information, please see: http://www.applied-social-research.brad.ac.uk/media/AppliedSocialResearch/Brief-CV--external-CHH.pdf

Arus Yumul:
Prof. Arus Yumul completed her  B.A. in Political Sciences at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul and her PhD in Sociology at University of Oxford. Arus Yumul is currently working as a professor in İstanbul Bilgi University, Department of Sociology. Yumul’s academic work specifically focuses on ethnic identity, everyday life, racism and nationalism. She has published numerous articles and chapters in national and international publications and is the editor of  three books: cultural changes in the Turkic World” (2009, with Filiz Kıral, Barbara Pusch, and Claus Schönig), “Avrupalı mı Levanten mi?” (2006, with Fahri Dikkaya) and “Dışarıda Kalanlar/Bırakılanlar” (2001, with N. Avcı,  D. Derman, and S. Kırca).