Seminar - “Caught in the Victim/Criminal Paradigm: Female Migrant Prostitution, Injured Lives and Unrecognizability”

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Date:  March 12, 2014 Wednesday
Time: 14.00
Place: santralistanbul Campus, ÇSM-503

Speaker: Dr. Isabel Crowhurst (Kingston University)

Seminar is organized in collaboration with İstanbul Bilgi University Center for Migration Research and Department of Sociology.

Contact:  /  0212 311 53 50

Dr. Isabel Crowhurst :
Dr. Isabel Crowhurst is lecturer in Sociology at Kingston University, Department of Sociology and Criminology. With a PhD degree in Sociology from the London School of Economics, her research interests stand at the intersection of feminist scholarship, critical social policy, socio-legal and postcolonial studies and in the areas of gender, sexuality and migration with a focus on practices and regulations of intimacy and commercial sex.