LexisNexis Academic: Information Retrieval on Law Literature

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Date: November 13, 2014
Time: 13.00-17.00
Place: Dolapdere Kampüs, Board of Trustees Meeting Room

The roadshow is organized by İstanbul Bilgi University Library and E-Resources in cooperation with LexisNexis and UNAK-Turkish Platform of Law Librarians.


13:00- 14:00       Lunch

14:10- 14:30        Opening Speech & Law Faculty Researcher’s Needs from Libraries
Sami Çukadar (Head Librarian, İstanbul Bilgi University)

14:30- 15:00       Practicing Law via Electronic Resoruces
Boğaç Çekinmez (Lawyer, Çekinmez Law Office)

15:00- 15:30        Coffee-Tea Break

15:30 – 16:15       How You Could Benefit From the LexisNexis Academic? A Case Study at Academic Libraries 
Adil Zaimi (Regional Manager, LexisNexis)

16:15- 16:30        Juris Classeur Live Demo
Adil Zaimi (Regional Manager, LexisNexis)

16:30- 16:45       LexisNexis Academic Live Demo
Özlem Çaltı (Sales Executive, Informascope)

16:45- 17:00       Kindle E-Book Reader Drawing

Note: Due to the participation is limited to 40 people, filling the registration form at http://goo.gl/forms/beYCeHCIm8 is required. 

Phone: (0212) 311 52 58
e-mail: kutuphane@bilgi.edu.tr