BİLGİ Faculty of Communication Student Festival

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Date: March 31-April 3, 2015 
Place: santralistanbul Campus, Energy Museum

İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication, having realized pioneering and inspiring projects in various disciplines since it was first founded, is now working on a brand new festival to cover the student works of Communication and Design Management, Media, Arts and Cultural Management and Film departments. 

The festival, titled PROJECT, to be held between 31th March and 3rd April, aims at strengthening the communication among the students who produce creative, innovative and pioneering works in their respective fields, diversify their works by enabling them to pick up new disciplines through such an interaction and reinforce their creativities by introducing the audio-visual designs of the new world to the audience following the festival. The festival sets out to include the audience in all possible communicational fields and provide them with the opportunity to discover themselves through “Participatory Events” apart from bringing theatre productions, performances, exhibitions, installations and film screenings to life. Through the participatory events, the festival offers its visitors to be in an actual film frame, work as a member of a professional photography shooting either for the camera or behind-the-scenes, witness the miracles that dance and performance art create on the human body and see how playing games by improvisation paves the way for social communication. Even on its first year, the festival is determined to lay the foundations for an ever-increasing interaction in the following years. 

The opening ceremony to be held on 31th March at 5 pm on the first floor of ÇSM Building to introduce the festival and its programme and all the scheduled and participatory events to take place in santralistanbul Energy Museum, ÇSM Building and BİLGİ Gastronomy  and Culinary Arts kitchen are free and open to all individual visitors, university students and instructors. The exhibitions and the installations will be open to visitors for another fourteen days following the festival.