Free Software and Linux Days 2015

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Date: March 27-28, 2015
Time: 9.40-16.45 
Place: santralistanbul Campus, E3  101-106-201-304-305

The free software movement which started about 30 years ago is now the vital component for nearly every field of IT. From the most critical applications to the daily office programs, free and open source software present viable alternatives today.

In addition to companies like Amazon, Google, Yahoo and IBM who trust GNU/Linux and other free software to run their multi-billion dollar business operations, the existence of global universities which continue to do research and development using free platforms show that free and open source software became the base on which future technologies are being built to help develop business, trade and innovation.

Free and open source movement also serves other purposes that go beyond the short term technological economic advantages: to encourage new generations about sharing and productivity in the fields of scientific research and development by making the culture of software freedom an intrinsic part of information processing.

The main question that is being asked nowadays is not "should we move to open source software?" Some of the daily questions asked are along the lines of "which combinations of open source software will be the best for our business?", "what kind of business models should we concentrate on for the open source software we are developing?" and "where and how can we offer or get the best education on the open source software we are targeting?". These kind of practical questions draw the main attraction and shape the trends of the IT industry. One of the main goals of the IT sector became to design and develop low cost, secure software which fits the open software standards, can help companies during the days of economic turmoils and spread these as much as possible.