Occupational Structure, Industrialisation and Economic Development

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Occupational Structure, Industrialisation and Economic Development: British and Global Perspectives 1381 to 2011British and Global Perspectives 1381 to 2011

Date: April 6, 2015
Time: 18.00
Place: santralistanbul Campus, ÇSM-404

Speaker: Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor (Cambridge University, Faculty of History)

The seminar is organized by İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Department of History.

Dr. Leigh Shaw-Taylor:
Shaw-Taylor’s interests are in long-run social and economic developments in England between the mid sixteenth and late nineteenth centuries with a particular focus on the development of agrarian capitalism and the Industrial Revolution.

He is the director of an ongoing program of research: The occupational structure of Britain c.1379-1911. This has been a British Academy research project and has been generously funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, UK, the Leverhulme Trust, the British Academy and the Isaac Newton Trust. The project is a collaboration with Professor E.A. Wrigley and others, aimed at improving the understanding of the long run process of economic development, which culminated in the Industrial Revolution, through a quantitative reconstruction of the occupational structure of the economy over as long a period as the sources will allow. The project is based in the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure http://www.campop.geog.cam.ac.uk .