53rd Library Week Activities

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Date: 16 March-2 April 2017
Place: santralistanbul Campus

53rd Library Week (27 March-2 April 2017)  activities are organized by İstanbul Bilgi University Library and e-Resources.

Contact: 0212 311 73 99  kutuphane@bilgi.edu.tr


30 March 2017
e-Book: in the Sky, on the Web, in the Library 
13.30-15.30 / Energy Museum-Seminar Room

Moderator: Sami Çukadar (Director, İstanbul Bilgi University Library and e-Resources)
Şahin Giray (Licensing Manager-Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran - Springer Nature)
Abdullah Turan (Reference Team Manager, İstanbul Bilgi University Library and e-Resources)
Kamil Mehmet Özkan (Social Media Head at Turkish Airlines, Skylibrary)

Everybody is invited.

28-29 March 2017
Library Workshop for Children 
13.30-15.30 / Faculty of Architecture, KD6

Inquisitive Children Discovering Libraries!
“Inquisitive Children” is a workshop for children in the 8-12 age group. The aim of the workshop is to give the children opportunity to travel the library in their dreams. It is also aimed to introduce libraries to the children and teach them how to use libraries.

This activity will start with welcome speech and will continue with creative drama for children. Bookmark designing workshop and library-themed film screening will follow the previous activities. The workshop will end with a 15-minute book reading activity in the library and drawing activity with the theme of "The Library in my Dreams".
Merve Dirken (Librarian, İstanbul Bilgi University Library and e-Resources)
Ece Öksüz (Librarian, İstanbul Bilgi University Library and e-Resources)
Büşra Devran (Librarian, İstanbul Bilgi University Library and e-Resources)

The number of participants for the workshops is limited.

16-22 March 2017
Contest: Knowledge Hunters

In Knowledge Hunters contest, participants will try to finish their duties related to library resources and services as soon as possible, starting from the hints given to them. In this event, the contestants will take part in a contest where they can search for books, films, articles and e-books for their research needs, while exploring the library with fun.

-To be a student at İstanbul Bilgi University
-It is a group game. Each group consists of 2 people.
-Participation is restricted with 14 groups. Priority belongs to first applicants.
-Groups and group members can participate in the game only once
-Current working students and the students who have worked in the library last year cannot participate in the game.
- The order of success of the groups is determined by the completion time and accuracy of the tasks.
-Winners will be announced from the library’s social media accounts
-The awards will be given to the group members at the panel to be held on Thursday, March 30, 2017.
-Contest applications must be made at the address http://library.bilgi.edu.tr/news.html  and the deadline is 20 March 2017 at 12.00.
-The groups to participate in the contest are informed by e-mail.
-The contest is conducted and assessed by the committee created by the Library and the Student Council.

Contest Dates and Time:
16 March 2017, Thursday / 09.00-10.00  (2 groups)
16 March 2017, Thursday / 17.00-18.00  (2 groups)
21 March 2017, Tuesday  /09.00-10.00  (2 groups)
21 March 2017, Tuesday  /17.00-18.00  (2 groups)
22 March 2017, Wednesday / 09.00 -10.00 (2 groups)
22 March 2017, Wednesday / 17.00-18.00 (2 groups)
22 March 2017, Wednesday / 18.00-19.00 (2 groups)

An iPad Mini will be given to the each member of the winning group. A certificate of participation will be given to the other participants.

For further information: http://library.bilgi.edu.tr/events.html