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İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of  Communication’s Festival, Project’05 (9-17 May 2019) starts off with the theme “Anonymous”. The exhibition titled “Anonymous: 5N1A”, brings together year-round works and projects from the students of Communication Faculty’s Arts and Cultural Management, Management of Performing Arts, Advertising, Communication and Design Management, Public Relations, Visual Communication Design,  Digital Game Design, Film and Television, Media and Communication, Television Reporting and Programming departments.

 The exhibition theme takes  its  starting point “Five W’s and one H”, one of the basic formulas of journalism. It draws attention to the possible individual and social reactions – and their potential consequences –  that are likely to emerge in case the actor/author of a statement, event or action is unknown. While the concept of anonymity gains significance in a wide range of areas from cyber world to literature, from business life to social movements, the exhibition explores the changing definition of free expression in the process of creation and dissemination of non-identity content through these areas. In line with this, another topic touched upon is the the occasional transformation of this change into a criminal element.

“Anonymous: 5N1A”, invites its audience without any sort of classification to search for the ways of  imagining  a society where every voice can make itself heard.