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The contest is open to all BİLGİ members. Once the applications are completed, the jury will vote the photos. The jury is made up of BİLGİ academic and administrative staff. The jury will select the best 25 photos from the sent photos and will be opened to public vote. Whether BİLGİ member or not, anyone can join the public voting. Voting form will be announced on this page and social media accounts of BİLGİ.


3 photos getting the highest number of votes will be awarded.


Application Deadline: June 1, 2020


Jury Selection: June 8, 2020

Public Vote:  June 16, 2020

Announcement of winners:  June 22, 2020




The contest is open to participation of all BİLGİ members except for the selection committee.

Application deadline is June 1, 2020.

Each participant can send maximum 3 photos to the contest.

Applications for the contest can only be made through the application link on this page.

Photos previously awarded / exhibited / published cannot compete in the contest.

The contest is open to anyone, however, if the organizer party determines an application is against the rules, it is authorized to reject it.

Participants should provide the file(s) recorded by cameras (CR2, NEF, ARW etc.) for all images continuing by the last phases of the contest. These files are confidentially reviewed between May 13-17, 2020. If these files are not provided when requested, this will lead to disqualification of the content.




Voting form will be published on x page and social media accounts of BİLGİ.

Works received the higher number of votes in public voting will be announced on June 1, 2020 on social media accounts of BİLGİ.


Keeping, Utilization and Royalty of Photos:

a) It is essential for the organizer party to request a written consent from the photo owner if it wants to use the photos awarded, exhibited and/or participated in the contest apart from exhibiting, announcements about the contest and catalogue. The name of the photographer must be certainly given in the event that the photo is used for the above given main purpose or for another purpose by taking consent from the owner.

b) Organizer party shall be responsible for the damages that can occur during the temporary keeping of the photos (like exhibiting them for one year) due to selection, preparation for the exhibition, exhibition and collecting from the exhibition.

c) The person who sends the content shall be responsible from any kinds of damages and rights that can arise from the works participated in the content and content thereof. BİLGİ shall not accept any responsibility and be deemed as the subject matter of a lawsuit.


Temporary keeping of the photos is limited to 3 year in maximum. At the end of one year, a consent shall be taken.




1) The content of a photo shall not be changed by adding, eliminating, rearranging, inverting, disrupting or removing people and / or objects into the frame. There are two exceptions herein:

a) Framing/clipping the additional details are allowed.

2) Color changes or grey toning that does not change the content are allowed, but there are two exceptions:

a) Changes in the colors do not lead to significant changes in the color tone to the extent where refined colors differ from the original colors.

b) Changes are not allowed in intensity, contrast, color and / or saturation levels that change the content dramatically by hindering or removing the data in the image.

Photoshop Framing

  • The image integrity must be contained without making any significant change in the content.
  • Photo production processes shall be conducted in line with the practices of World Press Photo Foundation (WPPF).
  • Only single exposure and single frame photos shall be accepted.
  • Multi exposure, polyps (dibdits, triptyques etc.) shall not be accepted.
  • Panoramas created in camera or image editing software shall not be accepted.

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