Announcement about the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester Exams:

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Dear students,


In accordance with the communique sent by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) to universities on 20.10.2020 concerning “The Rules and Procedures for Distance Learning at Institutions of Higher Learning”, end of term final exams and make-up exams should be delivered either face-to-face or electronically with an “invigilator”.  Thus, at the meeting of the University Academic Board (Senate) on 15.12.2020, it was decided to conduct all final, make-up, excuse and similar exams to be held at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year fall term electronically. For exams that will be conducted live (synchronously), participating students are required to have a camera and microphone and to keep their camera on for the duration of the exam.


For those students that do not have the necessary technological capabilities, provided they notify the university about their situation beforehand, they can utilize the computer and internet capabilities on the santralistanbul campus to take their exams by adhering to social distancing and hygiene rules.  Students that wish to take their exams on the santralistanbul campus should send an email detailing their situation to by 31.12.2020


As for students that live outside the city and do not have the necessary technological capabilities, in accordance with CoHE’s communique dated 27.05.2020, they can utilize the computer and internet capabilities at a university close to them or, if necessary, at a Ministry of Education or similar public institution. We advise that these students should contact the relevant institution before their exams to ensure the institution has the necessary infrastructure for them to take their exams.


We wish all our students continued good health and success in their exams.