2021-2022 Erasmus+ World Study Mobility Application Call (2019 KA107 Project)

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  • Applications will be done through the online system between January 25th, 2021 – February 15th, 2021.
  • Students should apply within this application call for participating the mobility Fall Semester, Spring Semester or Full Academic Year during 2021-2022 Academic Year.
  • Please check the process calendar located on our website regarding dates of all procedures.
  • In order to be able to apply, please read carefully all the information on this guideline.
  • Must be a full time registered student at one of the degree programs in BİLGİ in any level of education (Undergraduate /Masters /PHD) 
  • For undergraduate students, successful completion of the first semester of the degree program at Bilgi (With this new regulation, freshmen – 1st year students can apply to Erasmus+ Study Mobility.)



The two eligibility criterias are your CGPA and your language proficiency score.


  • For undergraduate students minimum CGPA of 2.50/4.00
  • For graduate and PhD students minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00
  • Having sufficient remaining ECTS load for the semester/academic year of the mobility and transferring those credits that are obtained at the partner university upon completion of the mobility. 
    • 30 ECTS for a semester, 60 ECTS for full academic year
    • For masters degree students, minimum credits load is 20 ECTS
  • Within the same education level (undergraduate, graduate, PhD) the duration of mobility should not be more than 12 months in total

2) Foreign Language Exam: min 70/100 

  • Double Major students can only apply for one of their majors for this academic year’s call.
  • Students who have failed courses from previous years can apply for Erasmus Exchange Programs for Studies. However, they must take into consideration the rules and regulations of their own faculty/major which may be an obstacle for their participation to the program.
  • Limits of credit transferring is declared via 2nd  article of 3rd clause of regulation named as  “İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi  Ön lisans ve Lisans Düzeyindeki Yaz Okulunun Yürütülmesine ve Başka Yüksek Öğretim Kurumlarından Ders Alınmasına Dair Yönerge” Please click for the article: https://www.bilgi.edu.tr/media/uploads/2018/07/30/yaz-okulu-yonergesi.pdf

According to this article, students can transfer the completed credits outside of Bilgi up to 25% of total credits required for graduation from the followed study program.

IMPORTANT: Students will be contacted via their bilgiedu.net e-mail regardless given e-mail addresses in Erasmus application. Students are obliged to check their student e-mail address (which is used to log in SIS system).




  • Master degree students with project can participate in the Erasmus+ Mobility in their 2nd semester. Master degree students with project are not able to participate in the Erasmus+ Mobility in their project semester, which is the last semester of program. Master students with thesis can only participate in the mobility during their 2nd or 3rd semester during their course period.
  • Master students with thesis, who are in thesis writing period can participate in the mobility for their master studies except who are in their final semester of thesis studies (Thesis II Term) cannot participate in the Erasmus+ Mobility. Students who will participate in the mobility during thesis study period have to register to the Thesis Course in accordance with course registration period before their departure. Students are supposed to attempt 30 ECTS (Minimum 20 ECTS) per exchange semester.
  • Since newly registered master degree students will not have GPA at BİLGİ, they have to apply to the exchange program with their Bachelor’s degree GPA if suffiicient. For applying, you need to contact the Erasmus Office via erasmus@bilgi.edu.tr and get an appointment, Applications without appointment will not be proceeded.
  • For Graduate and PhD level students that are applying at their first semester and whose transcript and CGPA has not yet been established, application will be done via their graduation score of the previous higher education level.


Information About COVID-19:

Erasmus+ mobilities are continuing and it is left to the student’s decision about participating to the program or cancelling in depending the situation (situations such as partner University, switching to fully online education, flights ban sor flights getting cancelled, visa issues etc.). Additionally, if the partner University switches to 100% online education, it will not possible to transfer any grants to the students because the grant can be only transferred if the students goes Abroad to participate in the partner University courses. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of the latest announcement of the partner University and country regarding COVID-19. If you have anyt questiongs related to the issues listed, please Contact BILGI Erasmus Office.


  • Students will apply with their current CGPA.
  • At this stage:
    • For undergraduate students minimum CGPA of 2.50/4.00
    • For graduate and PhD students minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00


2. Foreign Language Score

Students that would like to benefit from the mobility should obtain a score of minimum 70/100 from the language exam. Students are expected to choose from the options below in order to present their required language score:

Due to COVID-19, a new language proficiency exam cannot be organized. Therefore, students must submit the listed language proficiency exam types i,n order to apply for the program.

  •  Erasmus+ Language Score obtained in previous years: minimum 70/100
  • YDS, e-YDS, YÖKDİL obtained last five years: minimum 70/100
  •  BILET 2 /BILET 3 / LEVEL 5 AT: minimum 70/100 
  • IELTS score obtained last two years: minimum 6 upon 9 
  • TOEFL-IBT score obtained last two years: minimum 84 

  • Students have to specify which exam out of the ones listed above they want to use in their application and their score on the related space in their online application platform. 
  • For the languages except English, students should submit a language on B2 level from the exams, which are accepted by ÖSYM. Please click for accepted German, Italian, French, Spanish language exams. https://dokuman.osym.gov.tr/pd... 

Online Application

Application Link: era.bilgi.edu.tr

  • Application Dates: 25th January 2021 09:00 – 15th February 2021 17:00
  • To see the application steps, please check visual online application video by clicking here. (Please follow the instructions as if the option to select is  KA107 Erasmus+ World)
  • To log-in to the online system, you have to use the credentials of your bilgiedu.net e-mail address and password.
  • If you have completed the pre-application step before, you can directly log in to the system using your bilgiedu.net e-mail address and password.
  • In order for the application to be validated, it has to be terminated by clicking the “Finish application process” button. Applications not finalized will be considered invalid.
  • Students whose applications are not accepted due to any reason will be further informed by e-mail. 

After the Online Application

In order to complete your application, you should submit the documents mentioned below to the Erasmus Office after completing your online application, no later than 15th February 2020, 17:00. Otherwise, the application will not be valid. 


  • Online Application Form (should be signed by the student and have to be delivered to the Erasmus Office by email)



  • A copy of Student Profile which shows the current CGPA (can be obtained from the SIS page and should be uploaded to the ERA online application system). Please CLICK for sample Student Profile (Official transcript of the previous higher education level for graduate and PhD students applying at their first semester and whose BİLGİ transcript and CGPA had not yet been established.)
  • A copy of Course Status which shows courses left to complete before graduation (can be obtained from the SIS page and should be uploaded to the ERA online application system). Please CLICK for sample COURSE STATUS.
  • Copy of score report of a valid language proficiency exam outside of BILET English Exam (should be uploaded to the ERA online application system.)



According to the evaluation criteria below, Erasmus Office will list the students according to their success ranking and publish the list on their website, and accept the objections to it, at the relevant date indicated in the calendar. 



Academic Performance (CGPA)%

%50 (out of 100)

Foreign Language Score

%50 (out of 100)

Child of martyrs or war veterans (Has to be documented)

+15 points

Students who have been under protection by 2828  Social Services Law. The proving documents must be submitted to the online application system during the application period.

(Proving document has to be obtained from Ministry Of Family And Social Policies)

+10 points

Disabled students, on condition for the disability to be documented.

+10 points

Had previously taken part in a Erasmus+ program (with or without grant)

-10 points for each

Going for mobility at a country where holds citizenship

-10 points

Students who had been selected before to participate to an Erasmus mobility but did not cancel before the announced cancellation deadline

-10 points

Candidates who applied simultaneously for two activities within the same application call (the student will sign a petition regarding her/his decision on from which application the deduction will be applied)

-10 points

Stating attendance to the BILET English Exam and not participating without any excuse

-5 points

Partner Institutions

Partner universities which your department has agreement with are listed in “Updated University Agreement, Quota and Language List” for 2021-2022Please check this list carefully before making university preferences.

University preference can only be made with the universities listed under each department.

University Preferences and Placements

University placements will be done automatically according to the ranking of students who fulfill application requirements successfully and on time, and according to their university preferences indicated within their online application system.  Placement list will be published on Erasmus Office website.

A partner university may have another instruction language than English and request additional language certificates from the students. Students are expected to research the information regarding the language of teaching of the universities that they want to prefer.

The subjects in which two institutions have agreement on may not be completely the same. However, it’s in students’ responsibility to search and find a program in one of the partner universities in which the student will find ECTS credits that can be transferred here. That’s why students should check the partner universities' courses and program from their official webpages and consult to their Erasmus Department Coordinators here at BİLGİ about their university selections. Check for 

Departmental Erasmus Coordinators list:  https://www.bilgi.edu.tr/en/in...

It is the students’ responsibility to check application requirements and conditions, course catalogues, campus life of a partner university. Please bear in mind that students who do not fulfill successfully these requirements may not be accepted.

Mobility Grant

Being selected to be an Erasmus+ student does not guarantee that Erasmus+ mobility grant will also be provided.

BİLGİ Erasmus Office is responsible to select the outgoing Erasmus students. Based on the number of selected students, the Erasmus Office applies to the Turkish National Agency for a budget of Erasmus mobility grants for the following academic year. The Turkish National Agency allocates a budget of mobility grants to BİLGİ. Those that are selected for a mobility grant will be announced by the Erasmus Office and the list may be subjected to further updates.

Students are able to participate to the Erasmus program withour receiving any grants if they wish.

You may see monthly grant amounts from the table below:

Sending Country

Receiving Country

Monthly Grant Amount(Euro)


Partner Country


Students are also able to receive travel grant:

The distance by "kilometers"

Travel Grant Amount (Euro)

Between 20 – 99

20 €

Between 100-499 km

180 €

Between 500-1999 km

275 €

Between 2000-2999 km

360 €

Between 3000-3999 km

530 €

Between 4000-7999 km

820 €

8000 km andabove

1.500 €

For detailed information about grants please see “Grants and Payment Rules”.