Graduation Ceremonies for the years 2020 and 2021

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To the Attention of Our Graduate Candidates;

It is of great importance that all the graduates and graduate candidates pay attention to the issues explicated below regarding the Graduation Ceremonies for the years 2020 and 2021.


Terms of Attending the Ceremony

All the associate degree, undergraduate, and graduate students who are graduates will be able to attend the graduation ceremonies for the year 2020. 

All the graduates and the students who have completed the registration of their last two semesters, our undergraduate students who are at their 8th semester and our associate degree students who are at their 4th semester will be able to attend the graduation ceremonies for the year 2021.

Our students who are registered to their 7th semester in undergraduate programs and 3rd semester in associate degree programs and who will complete the require credits for graduation by taking courses during the Summer School need to apply to the secretariat of faculties or schools via e-mail by writing a petition till July 30, 2021 so that they can participate in the graduation ceremony. Students who are under these circumstances can be included within the graduation ceremony lists in line with the decision that will be taken with the approval of dean’s office/director’s office.

Regarding the graduate programs, only the graduated students will be able to attend the ceremony.


Things to take into consideration during the ceremony

The Graduation Ceremonies will take place between September 15-30, 2021 in the form of sessions in suitable conditions required by the ongoing pandemic. For this reason, we would like to thank you for your sensitivity and understanding regarding the pandemic measures. 


What you need to do to attend the ceremony

You need to fill out the participation form that we will send you between July 5-30, 2021 in full and make a gown request and make your payment between the specified dates by clicking on the link to be included within the form. Since the dates and hours of the graduation ceremonies will be determined in line with the information that you will provide, it is of great importance that you fill out the form in full. 

Our graduates who do not fill out the participation form and complete their payments between the specified dates cannot physically attend the ceremony.


Due to the measures taken for the pandemic, our invitations include 2 people.

You need to fill out the Identity Numbers and HES codes (make sure that your HES code is valid at least until October 2021) in full.

Invitations with QR code will be sent to the indicated phone numbers of our students and their guests attending the ceremony in the form of SMS. 


Participation for Our Graduates Who Will Not Attend the Ceremony in Our Campuses

Our graduates and their families who will not be able to physically participate in the graduation ceremonies will be able to watch our ceremony online. 

The SIS photos of the students who would like to participate in the ceremony online will be projected to the screen when their names are read during the ceremony provided that they approve this in the participation form. 

Gown Request

To be able to request gown, one needs to complete the applications from the ‘Gown Request’ section by clicking on ‘Flow Applications’ under the ‘Other Links’ on the left hand menu of the SIS homepage.


Cap-Gown Delivery and Returning Them

For the Graduates of Associate Degree and Undergraduate Programs: 

The cap-gown application and payment will be carried out online and no personal application and payment will be accepted. 

For our graduates who have filled out the attendance form and completed their payment by requesting cap-gown, caps and gowns will be delivered between August 2-September 3, 2021 at 10.00-16.00 on weekdays only at activity tent in santralistanbul Campus. There will be no deliveries on weekends, public holidays, and on the days of the ceremony. 

The deposit for the cap-gown for the years 2020 and 2021 is 200 TL. 

You may return your caps and gowns to Kıyı Amfi in santralistanbul after the graduation. The fees will be refunded to the IBAN indicated during the application within 15 days following the return of the cap and gown.  The deadline for returning the gowns is November 26, 2021 at 16.30. 

For the Graduates of Graduate Programs: 

Our graduate students will receive their caps and gowns in return for their identity card or driver’s license 2 hours prior to the ceremony at the activity tent in santralistanbul. Our graduates will return their gowns at the end of the ceremony and take back their identity cards or driver’s licenses. 

One has to fill out the Graduation participation form so as to receive cap and gown. 



The invitations will be sent via SMS. The students and guests who do not have invitations with QR code will not be allowed in the ceremony area. For this reason, we would like to kindly remind you that the contact information in the attendance form should be complete and current. Thank you for your understanding. 

Transportation and Car Park

Within the scope of the pandemic measures, there will be no shuttle services for the Graduation Ceremonies of our University. Therefore, our students and their guests need to come to the campus with their own means. The Campus Car Park will be open to use to the extent of its capacity. 

For your 

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