Students from BİLGİ Energy Systems Engineering Received Awards in SolarGenç Competition

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Teams including students from BİLGİ Energy Systems Engineering received awards in SolarGenç Competition organized by Solarbaba. Helios team including Yaren Gizem Byeaz, third year student from BİLGİ Energy Systems Engineering, came in first with their ‘Smart Village’ project and Prizma team including Emre Hüseyin Zorlukol, a second year student, came in third with their project ‘Breathing Tomorrows.’

Solarbaba has been active to support clean energy sources, particularly solar energy, since 1996 and it encourages university students to create interactive projects for that end within SolarGenç Competition, which it organizes annually. The students who join the competition by forming groups are also provided with a basic training with regard to clean energy sources, electro mobility, energy storage, and climate crisis.

With their ‘Smart Village’ project, Helios team including Yaren Gizem Beyaz aims to increase the quality of living, decrease rural-urban migration, and initiate energy transformation starting from the villages by building agriculture-oriented smart villages with a sustainable, environmentalist , and technological approach.

With their ‘Breathing Tomorrows’ project, Prizma team including Emre Hüseyin Zorlukol aims to increase environmental consciousness and presents a sustainable urban design with a technological infrastructure that provides the urban dwellers with the chance to be producers.