Important Announcement

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Dear Students,

In the Cabinet Meeting of the Presidency, it has been decided that we will proceed to face-to-face education in 2021-2022 Academic Year. In accordance with this decision, all the people working in educational institutions and students who are eligible for vaccination will be required to provide a vaccination document as of September 6, 2021. Those who are not vaccinated will be required to provide 2 PCR tests per week.

In line with this decision, as of October 11, 2021 when the new academic year starts, our courses, laboratory and studio works, exams, and all the assessment procedures will take place face-to-face.

All our students and staff are expected to receive COVID-19 vaccination in order to provide a safe environment against the pandemic. Being vaccinated is the most effective method for the fight against COVID-19 in terms of minimizing the risks of catching the disease, undergoing a severe case of COVID, its spreading and of preventing the emergence of new virus types. For this reason, we would like to remind you that completion of two-dose vaccination at least two weeks prior to the beginning of classes is of great importance.

Our students and staff who are not vaccinated need to submit a negative PCR test twice a week when they come to the campus. PCR results are valid for 48 hours and upon their expiration, a new test result has to be acquired.

In addition to the vaccination obligation and PCR test, other COVID-19 measures will continue to be implemented. The obligation to wear a mask in the campus, particularly in the classes, laboratories, and studios, social distance measures, and HES code practice will be maintained. All the measures that are taken on our campuses and the updated warnings regarding COVID-19 will be announced on our website.

We are happy to be united with you on our campuses and we wish you all a healthy and successful academic year.