The book titled İnfodemi ve Bilgi Düzensizlikleri: Kavramlar, Nedenler ve Çözümler has been published as open access source

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The book titled İnfodemi ve Bilgi Düzensizlikleri: Kavramlar, Nedenler ve Çözümler prepared as part of Infodemic Training Project addressing the issue ‘Struggle with Infodemic during COVID-19 Period and After’ and carried out by BİLGİ Center for Migration Research met with readers. The book has been published by İstanbul Bilgi University Publications both in print and also as an online open access source.

Infodemic Training Project has been carried out with the support of Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation-A Project of the German Marshall Fund. The project aims to raise awareness regarding the spread of infodemic in individuals, civil society, and media during times of crises, especially during COVID-19 pandemic, and the negative outcomes that the spread of infodemic engenders. It also intends to increase resilience against possible infodemics that might be experienced in future crises and open the individual and institutional measures that might be taken in this direction to discussion.

Written by the project team as part of the last phase of Infodemic Training Project, this book aims to expand on the fundamental concepts on information disorder and infodemic, raise awareness in this field, and contribute to the ongoing studies for the resolution of the problems caused by infodemic. The online book that has been enriched with links to open courses, different films, documentaries, and sources aims to become a comprehensive primary source for readers, instructors, and researchers.


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