BİLGİ Department of Architecture student Zeynep İğmen’s design ‘Time Shelter’ was exhibited in KulturRegion Festival

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BİLGİ Department of Architecture senior student Zeynep İğmen attended a week-long workhop in a summer school organized in Stuttgart with the collaboration of London-based Architectural Association and ABK Stuttgart with the main theme of raising awareness about sun. In the summer school organized in Stuttgart and attended by architecture students all over the world, İğmen designed an open-air pavilion that she called ‘Time Shelter.’ The pavilion was selected for KulturRegion Festival held between October 1-16, 2022 and exhibited in Ostfildern. 

‘Time Shelter’ installation takes its inspiration not from the classic sundial with a stick but from the sundial on which the numbers work as strips. Designed with the aim of raising awareness about sun and creating spaces of encounter, the installation turns into a roof that creates a place of exchange underneath and serves as a shelter.

In order to remind the users of their connection with the sun in terms of their biological clocks, daily routines, and the relationship established with the world, the pavilion has been designed as an interface. The positions of the numbers on the pavilion have been determined with precise measurement and simulations. The pavilion works with the data acquired from the sun in October in Ostfildern, Germany. The sundial can be read from the shadow that falls on the furniture placed in the center of the pavilion depending on the path of the sun. The pavilion has been designed as recyclable by upcycling waste materials.