Announcement about online education for 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester

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Dear Students,

The decisions that were taken by the Council of Higher Education regarding higher education across Türkiye due to the catastrophic earthquake that occurred on February 6, 2023 and left all of us in profound sorrow have been updated. In accordance with these changes, educational process for 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester has been planned in the following manner:

1. The beginning date of the 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester is February 20 for our English Preparatory School and February 27, 2023 for our associate degree, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

2. All the courses that have been planned as face-to-face for the Spring Semester will be conducted online. As of February 27, all the courses will be conducted through Zoom and synchronously. The classes will be conducted in the planned weekly hours. Attendance will be taken for all the Zoom classes and our students will be asked to turn on their cameras. Our students are also expected to use their accounts linked to their e-mail addresses with ‘ extension’ and log into their Zoom sessions.

3. Council of Higher Education will review its distance education decision in the beginning of April 2023. Provided that the circumstances are found suitable, hybrid methods will be considered.

4. Information regarding applied vocational courses will be shared with our students at a future date by the relevant academic units.

5. During this process, all our campuses and study halls will remain open. Our administrative units, cafeterias, and library will continue to provide their services.

We are deeply sorry for having to make fundamental changes in academic practices. We hope that you will understand our endeavors for protecting the academic values befitting BİLGİ after such an immense disaster and during a period full of uncertainties.

Kindly be informed.

İstanbul Bilgi University