Announcement for Graduation Ceremonies

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Graduation Ceremonies for 2022-2023 Academic Year are planned to be held during the second week of July.

The cap & gown requests and delivery will be carried out between April 25-June 16, 2023. You can request your cap & gown from your SIS page during these dates and take delivery of them from our santralistanbul Campus.

During the graduation ceremony, only the names of those students who request cap & gown through the system and take delivery of them will be read aloud. For your name to be included in the ceremony list, you are required to make a request from the system during the specified dates and take delivery of your cap & gown. We would like to remind you that cap & gown procedures cannot be carried out after 16:00 on June 16 2023 since the system will be closed.

The days and hours for the graduation ceremonies of Faculties, Vocational Schools, and Graduate Programs will be announced on our website on June 12, 2023 after the number of students attending the ceremonies are finalized.

Graduation Ceremony rules and help document for cap & gown request will be shared on our website in the upcoming days.