2023-2024 Academic Year 2022 Project Erasmus+ Europe Student Mobility Placement Results

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Dear Students,

We first would like to congratulate the applicants students who have been found eligible.

We kindly ask you to read the entire announcement carefully and in detail.

You can see the placement results of Erasmus+ Europe Student Mobility for 2023-2024 Academic Year by clicking here.

All the applications completed correctly before the deadline with the signed application form have been evaluated. Students who submitted all the required documents have been listed based on their Erasmus score, which is calculated with 50% of the GPA and 50% of the language score, and placed in accordance with their university preference order and university quotas.

The Erasmus Office has been provided with 284.300 Euros for grants in our 2022 Project budget for the Erasmus+ Student Mobility. In line with this budget, in order to provide grant for the maximum number of students, the first 158 students will be PARTIALLY GRANTED based on their Erasmus scores. Students who are entitled to receive a grant are indicated in green as PRINCIPAL "GRANTED" and students who are entitled to participate in the program without a grant are indicated in blue as SUBSTITUTE in the Erasmus Grant Status section.

The granting method will be as follows:

  • Students who are listed for only fall or only spring semester will receive a maximum of 3 months X 450 euros or 3 months X 600 Euros, depending on the country’s grant category
  • Students who receive a letter of acceptance which has shorter duration of education than these durations, will receive grants for their education period. (Even the student does not physically stay for 90 days, it is mandatory to receive education for minimum 90 days)
  • Students who choose fall and spring semesters (an academic year) and who are eligible for a grant will be allocated a grant fort he duration of only one semester.

If a student who is eligible for grant would like to cancel their Erasmus+ eligibility, the grant will be given to the student next on the list. In this case, the student will be informed by our Office by e-mail.

Students who are not listed among the first 158 students and listed as Succeed may participate in the program without receiving any grant.

Students whose applications were suitable but who could not be placed in a university due to the university quotas are listed as Substitute for the first possible university preference in which they can be placed in accordance with their university preference order and the language score of the university that they prefer. If an eligible student cancels their mobilities, the substitute students will be contacted by e-mail.


Students who would like to cancel must submit their cancellation petition until April 10, 2023 at the latest to erasmus@bilgi.edu.tr. In case a cancellation petition is submitted after this date, 10 points will be deduced from the student’s next Erasmus application.

All information will be sent to your BİLGİ e-mail addresses. We thereby recommend that you check your BİLGİ e-mail addresses frequently.

The information regarding orientation day will be provided via e-mail later on.

If you would like to submit any objections about your results, you may send your objection petition to erasmus@bilgi.edu.tr until April 10, 2023. Objections will be evaluated and students will be contacted regarding their results. As a result of objections, grant allocations or students' university placements may change.

We wish you a good day and a good journey,

Erasmus Office