BİLGİ Department of Industrial Design student Hande Tekin received first prize in Zeki Yurtbay Design Awards Competition

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BİLGİ Department of Industrial Design third-year student Hande Tekin ranked first in Zeki Yurtbay Design Awards Competition organized for the 10th time this year focusing on the main theme of ‘Boz Yap, Boz Yapma.’

A total of 14.000 students made pre-applications to the competition in which the participants were asked to design a modular game by asking the question ‘Can you create a game for which you write the rules by using floor tiles of a certain size within a digitalized journey?’ Among these applications, 586 students in 79 different teams from 203 universities were found eligible to participate in the competition.

The design called ‘kırküç!’ (forty-three!) that Hande Tekin designed by drawing inspiration from the ‘don’t step on the lines’ game played by children on floor tiles was selected as the best project as a result of the jury’s assessment in terms of aesthetics, originality, and technical details. Tekin’s project will be produced in exact size and exhibited in Unicera International Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair that will be held in İstanbul in 2023.

Consisting of 4 different floor tiles with each having its own pattern, kırküç! allows one to design an infinite 360 degrees path pattern like a jigsaw. In accordance with the placement of floor tiles, the pattern can be continued and this geometric system expanding like a net allows a game that the users walking on it can be included by following the pattern and shape the pattern itself depending on their imagination.