Applications for Architectural Design (without Thesis) Graduate Program have started

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Application Requirements:


● Undergraduate Education and Diploma: This is a master of architecture program. The

program only accepts candidates who have completed their undergraduate studies with a

Bachelor of Architecture degree. This requirement ensures that applicants have a solid

foundation in architecture before entering the Master's program. Applicants must present

their Bachelor's degree as proof of graduation.


● Foreign Language Proficiency: Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English by

submitting the results of an approved language proficiency test. Acceptable exams and

minimum scores are YDS/ÜDS/KPDS/YÖKDİL (minimum score 60), TOEFL IBT (minimum score

75), TOEFL CBT (minimum score 155) or TOEFL PBT (minimum score 470). Alternatively,

applicants who do not have these test results can take the English Proficiency Test of İstanbul

Bilgi University, BİLET 3. Applicants must achieve a minimum score of 70 on BİLET 3.


● Transcript: Applicants must provide an undergraduate transcript to showcase their academic

achievement during their studies in architecture.


● Portfolio: Applicants should submit a portfolio that presents their visual and written work

and highlights their interests, skills and inclinations. The portfolio should be A4 or A3 format

and have a maximum digital file size of 10 MB.


● Letter of Intent: Applicants must write a one-page letter of intent (approximately 1500

words) explaining their reasons for applying to the program, their expectations, their

interests in relation to the program and the intended focus of their dissertation project.


● Letters of Reference: Applicants should submit two letters of reference that provide a

comprehensive assessment of the applicant's skills, character and potential for success in the



● Online Application Form: Applicants must complete the online application form, which can

be accessed via the link below. This step is necessary to officially submit the application.


* All required documents must be completed and submitted by the officially announced

application deadline. Letters of reference and portfolios should be emailed to the Program

Coordinator and the Program Administrative Assistant.


● Interview: After submitting all the required documents and completing the online

application form, candidates will be invited to an oral interview on the officially announced



Deadline application: June 12, 2023


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