BİLGİ Department of Architecture alumni Berivan Güzel and Evrim Tombul won honorable mentions at Archiprix Türkiye 2022 with their graduation project titled ‘Other Space’

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BİLGİ Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture 2022 alumni Berivan Güzel and Evrim Tombul’s graduation project titled ‘Other Space’ that they completed with the coordination of Kutay Karabağ and Emre Çetinel won honorable mentions at Archiprix Türkiye 2022 Awards.

In Archiprix Türkiye 2022, the jury awarded 12 projects out of 188 applications. In addition to 3 awards and 3 honorary mentions granted pursuant to the agreement, the jury awarded 5 projects with ‘encouragement award’ and one project with ‘jury’s special award.’

In Other Space, Kadıköy shoreline is reconsidered as a passage and built as a unifying and connecting threshold. To that end, the project proposes an underground library as a new layer for the region.

In the project, the quiet, sensory, and atemporal spatial perception of the library is designed with the contrast presented by the busy flow of the shoreline and Kadıköy’s chaotic atmosphere. In this design of the library, the aim is to turn ‘the times into a heterotopia where they accumulate endlessly.’

In this project that is designed in compliance with certain principles, a large construction is avoided that can severe the connection between humans and water in the shoreline. In forming a unifying space allowing a new experience, different spaces such as museums are also included in the concept.

While the differentiations between up and down are shaped in accordance with the function of the space they inhabit, the aim is to enrich the experience of visitors with spatial changes such as ascension-descension, narrowing-expansion, light-shadow, open-closed, and flat-curved. With the wall that is designed as the backbone of the structure in the project, memory spaces that are specific to the place on the upper layer are formed.

You can reach detailed information about Archiprix Türkiye from here and the results for 2022 from here.