Important announcement about Student Clubs

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Dear Students,

The Club regulations should be filled out completely through the relevant links and be uploaded until 23:59 on July 7, 2023 so that the existing student clubs and the clubs that are planned to be established can become active during 2023-2024 Academic Year.

The clubs that have remained active during 2022-2023 Academic Year are expected to hold a general meeting and notify us through meeting minutes regarding the election of the executive board.


  • The forms should be filled out through the links provided below. Forms that are submitted in person will not be accepted.
  • Forms should be filled out completely by observing the format. Forms should include the club’s logo, its goal, and the requirements of the by-laws that contain the additional features that were formed specific to the club. The forms should be filled out in a Word file and sent as a PDF document.
  • Forms should include ‘’ e-mail addresses. Private e-mail addresses will not be accepted.
  • The grade point average (GPA) of the Club President candidate should be 2.00 and above. The application of the candidates whose GPA is below 2.00 will not be accepted.


The link for the clubs to be established:

The link for the existing clubs:

Sample Regulations 

Sample Meeting Minutes 

Your applications will be examined and finalized by the Clubs Board and applications results will be announced on Friday, July 21, 2023.

In case the result of the application is favorable, a meeting should be organized with the Student Clubs Coordinator for the fall semester so that the signatures on the regulations can be completed. The appointment system will be open by September.


You can contact us for your questions, problems and suggestions.

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