European Commission’s Horizon Europe Programme Support for the project titled ‘PLEDGE: Politics of Grievance and Democratic Governance’

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Prof. Ayhan Kaya was entitled to receive the support of European Commission’s Horizon Europe programme for the Project titled ‘PLEDGE: Politics of Grievance and Democratic Governance’. In the project, Prof. Pınar Uyan-Semerci ve Prof. Emre Erdoğan will work as researchers. The project adopts a participative research design and implementation that includes academics, policy-makers, non-governmental actors, and citizens. It aims to provide a new understanding regarding the anti-democratic and democratic qualities of political demands and to co-create emotionally intelligent and sensitive democratic governance and policy communication tools and practices fostering democratic civil engagement forms. The project will present an outline of the emotional mechanisms of the anti-democratic and democratic demands explicating the mutual dynamic relations among the emotions, values, and identities of citizens and groups. Including 15 partners from 12 countries, the project will be coordinated by University of Helsinki and the total application budget for PLEDGE project is 3,160,000 Euros.