The outputs of SiNAFE Project have been published

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The outputs of SiNAFE (Social Inclusion of African Athletes in Europe) Project as part of Erasmus+ Sport program carried out under the coordination of İstanbul Bilgi University have been published. 

SiNAFE Project aims to develop a support mechanism for the social inclusion of migrant African athletes in Europe. Adopting the perspective of ‘sport as a human right’, SiNAFE aims to encourage social inclusion and provide support for equal opportunities in sports for all people, including those from a disadvantageous background. SiNAFE is a European Union project led by İstanbul Bilgi University and Mission 89, and is carried out with partnership of Instituto Universitario de Lisboa, Esprit de Sport International, NGO Atina, University of Belgrade, Kampos Saint-Deniz Academic Football Association, and Loughborough University.


You can access the documents prepared within the scope of the project below:

Migrant Footballers in Europe: Field Study Report

Toolkit: Social Inclusion of African Migrant Athletes in Europe

Training Program

For further information, you can visit the project’s website: