Our student Deniz Kantar’s project ‘Shelter Design for Living Things in Terrain Vague’ received TÜBİTAK grant

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BİLGİ Department of Architecture student Deniz Kantar's project ‘Shelter Design for Living Things in Terrain Vague’, which will be carried out under the supervision of Faculty Member, Emrah Altınok, PhD., was entitled to be supported within the scope of 2209-A Research Project Support Programme for Undergraduate Students conducted by TÜBİTAK Science Fellowships and Grant Programme Directorate (BİDEB).

Based on the idea of ‘architecture for animals’, the project aims to develop portable shelter/nest designs in order to enhance the living standards of animals struggling to survive in the urban fabric. Defining animal love as a part of İstanbul's intangible cultural heritage, the project aims to make stray animals, especially birds, more visible and to raise social awareness regarding the nesting sites of resident bird species and the accommodation areas of migratory birds. Within the scope of the project, the historical process of laws and practices for stray animals in Türkiye will also be researched.