Important announcement about student clubs

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Dear Students,

To ensure that both existing and newly planned student clubs are active for the 2024-2025 Academic Year, it is mandatory to completely fill out the Club Regulation, Current Member List, and Annual Event Draft and upload them via the provided link by May 31, 2024, at 23:59.

Clubs that were active during the 2023-2024 Academic Year must organize their elective general assembly meetings to elect new board members and submit the general assembly meeting minutes (including all candidate names and the points they received, and signed by all attending members) to the Student Support Center.

  • The necessary forms for establishing a club can be accessed and filled out via the links below. Please note that forms will not be accepted in person.
  • Forms must be completed thoroughly and without altering the format. They should include the club logo, the purpose of the club, and any specific bylaws created for the club. Handwritten forms will not be accepted. Forms must be filled out in a Word document and submitted in PDF format.
  • Forms should include email addresses with a “” domain. Personal email addresses will not be accepted.
  • The minimum GPA for prospective Club Presidents and board members must be at least 2.00. Applications from candidates with a GPA below 2.00 will not be accepted.

Click for student clubs establishment forms.

Your applications will be reviewed by the Student Support Center and forwarded to the Rectorate. The results will be announced to you via email on Wednesday, July 31, 2024.

In case the result of the application is favorable, please consult the Student Support Center in the Fall Semester by September 30 to complete the signatures on the regulations.

For any questions, issues, or suggestions, please contact us:

Student Support Center