The project titled "Central Bank Digital Currencies from Legal Perspective" received TÜBİTAK grant

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The project titled “Central Bank Digital Currencies from Legal Perspective,” submitted by Faculty Member Dr. Gökçe Kurtulan Güner from the Law Faculty as the principal investigator, with a budget of 745,000 TL budget, has been entitled to be supported by TÜBİTAK ARDEB 3501 Career Development Program. The Head of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Technology Program of our University, Faculty Member Dr. Çağla Gül Şenkardeş, and Faculty Member Dr. Zeynep Damla Taşkın from the Faculty of Law will serve as researchers, Prof. Dr. Cenktan Özyıldırım from the Faculty of Business Administration as a consultant, Lecturer Dr. Davut Gürses from Kadir Has University’s Faculty of Law as a researcher, Aurelia Birne and Sebastian Omlor as consultants.   

This project aims to examine the legal and technical details of the Central Bank Digital Currency, which is a non-cash payment instrument that can be described as a new generation that emerged as a result of the innovations brought by digital technologies in the context of payment instruments and especially the effort to integrate distributed ledger technology into the payments ecosystem and to create solutions regarding its legal infrastructure.