"The 4D (Four Dimensional) Professional Coaching" Certificate Programs

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Professional coaching is the new trend in the professional life of the 21st century. “4Dimensional Coaching Program” aims to bring a new perspective to this emerging direction -coaching in Turkey. The program supports the personal development of participants and   instructs them in using coaching methods, techniques, tools and skills. Besides helping participants to develop the required skills, 4Dimensional Program also provides them   a sufficient basis to further their studies in this new area.


Neither the universe nor life is three dimensional. They move and change in space, but also in time –the 4th dimension:

Since the only thing which remains unchanged is "change" itself, we must analyze everything in the light of the 4th dimension, evaluating them in their change and progress in the course of time.


Participants, who have completed the program successfully, will

have knowledge about all coaching techniques, tools and abilities and  be able to use them successfully
be able to distinguish hidden agenda and   ask accurate and powerful questions
be able to resolve conflicts and to solve problems from a coaching perspective
be able to help raise the life quality of  individuals by means of using target and motivation methods
be able to express  oneself without  prejudices and from different perspectives;  support individuals in this direction
be able to apply image, time and stress management  on oneself and  others who receive coaching services
get the opportunity of having a different career

The 4D Professional Coaching Certificate Program Application Form: http://vakif.bilgi.edu.tr

For further information:  4B: bilgi@caglarcabuk.com.tr

4B presentation video: http://www.caglarcabuk.com.tr/4boyutlukocluk-04.htm