Award from European Museum Academy to Energy Museum

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’Micheletti Award’ organized by European Museum Academy and given to industry, technology and science museums in Europe had their owners with the ceremony held in Germany.  İstanbul Bilgi University Energy Museum received DASA Award, given for the first time this year.  
’Micheletti Award’ given to industry, technology and science museums in Europe by European Museum Academy (EMA) since 1996 had their owners on April 28, 2012 with the award ceremony held in Textile and Industry Museum (TIM) in Ausburg, Germany. 
In addition to EMA executive board members, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch the Bavarian State Minister of Science, Research and Arts, Dr. Kurt Gribl Mayor of Ausburg, Sibilla de Luxembourg princess of Luxembourg serving in EMA executive board and Dr. René Umlauft CEO of MAN Diesel & Turbo sponsor of the whole event participated in the award ceremony organized in TIM on the evening of April 28. 
Riverside Museum in Glasgow, which is expected to bring economic and cultural vitality to the city and designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid won Micheletti Award. İstanbul Bilgi University Energy Museum received DASA (Working World Exhibition – Dortmund ArbeitsWelt Ausstellung) Award, which evaluates the art together with business and industry world in Dortmund and which is given this year for the first time.
Director of DASA museum, Dr. Gerhard Kilger, presented DASA award to Asst. Prof. Serhan Ada, faculty member at İstanbul Bilgi University and founding director of santralistanbul in which Energy Museum is located. Energy Museum was renovated and reconverted by the architect Han Tümertekin while renowned architects Emre Arolat, İhsan Bilgin and Nevzat Sayın took part in santralistanbul project.
Dr. Gerhard Kilger stated that Energy Museum, which has been brought in the museum world with the efforts of İstanbul Bilgi University, has played an important role in business and industry world of İstanbul and Turkey for long years. Located at the farthest point of Haliç, Energy Museum successfully integrates functions of a museum and an educational institution as well as establishing close collaboration with surrounding neighborhoods in terms of social development. Therefore, Energy Museum was considered worthy of this award.
City Museum located in Bursa will be hosting Micheletti Award seminar and ceremony next year.