BİLGİ European Institute selected for “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “ Award

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İstanbul Bilgi University’s European Institute has been selected for “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence” with the  "European Values at School - EUducate" project. Having received a very high score during the evaluation process, BİLGİ thus became the fourth university to be nominated as “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “ in Turkey as a result of intensive academic work on European Integration since 1996.

İstanbul Bilgi University has already been awarded three Jean Monnet Modules for highly specialised teaching on EU development in the fields of political science, economy and international relations as well as two Jean Monnet Chairs within the European Institute and the Department of International Relations in 2011 and 2013.

The “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “ which is the latest award received by BİLGİ within the framework of Life Long Learning Programme, will provide an enhanced support for interdisciplinary academic studies  and research on European Integration as well as  for  public activities on Europe and the EU.

European Commission - Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence:

Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence are clearly labelled institutes or structures specialising in European integration studies. They pool the scientific, human and documentary resources to European integration studies at the participating higher education institution(s) Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence may either be based at one particular higher education institution or may be organised in co-operation between several higher education institutions located in the same city or region. The university/universities must designate a Jean Monnet Chair to assume academic responsibility for the Centre of Excellence. Therefore, only institutions that already have been granted a Jean Monnet Chair in the framework of a previous call for proposals can apply for a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Higher education institutions with a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence can reapply for a new Centre but must wait until one academic year has elapsed following the end of the previous contractual period before submitting the new application. Only one Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence can be supported in any given higher education institution. The activities of Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence are in no way restricted in their academic freedom. Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence are encouraged to study the European Union in an independent and critical manner.