One World Youth Project

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Get Paid to Lead a Global Education Student Group

One World Youth Project (OWYP) is a unique service-learning program that establishes student groups – OWYP Hub teams – on university campuses all over the world and prepares them to work with local middle school students. These university students are trained to lead global education and service learning curriculum in the schools while facilitating an on-going virtual cultural exchange connection with a partner classroom in another country. Each

OWYP Hub Team is led by two students, the OWYP Project Manager Fellows (PMFs).

Learn how to apply to be a PMF below. (The students who facilitate the curriculum on a weekly basis are OWYP Project Ambassadors) 

The two Project Manager Fellows (PMF) receive a stipend of 945 Lira and BUS 271 & 272 credit. The PMF position (duration: Februaru 2014-June 2015) consists of the following exciting opportunities:

• Design and implement your own recruitment campaign this March to recruit the Project Ambassadors on your campus. (February 2014)

• Participate in OWYP’s Online Training Course (March-April 2014) with your Project Ambassadors to prepare your team as effecitve global education facilitators.

• Attend a week-long intensive training this summer with the PMFs from all the other OWYP Hubs. (June 2014) 

• Assist in training the Project Ambassadors (along with OWYP staff) to facilitate lessons and maintain the exchange with their partner classroom (Sep 2014)

• Cultivate community and provide support throughout the year to your OWYP Hub Team - this includes holding a weekly Community Meeting with Project Ambassadors and assisting them with any challenges (2014/2015 academic year).

Deadline: March 2, 2014

Weekly time commitment: 5-9 hours

Learn more and apply at this link: