2014 Yearbook Articles

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To the attention of 2014 graduates,

Please send your articles for the 2013-14 Yearbook to yillik2014@bilgiedu.net between the dates of March 5 – April 2, 2014. It is imperative that the articles are sent in on time in order for the yearbooks to be distributed at graduation. Please write the name of your faculty and department next to your name and last name so that there will not be any confusion or misunderstandings.

NOTE: All articles must be written in Microsoft Word and use the font of Times New Roman and the font size of 12. The word limit for the articles is 800 words. All the articles that will be on your yearbook page should be in the same Microsoft Word document and sent to the email address given above. Students that do not send in their pages will not be in the yearbook.

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