Graduate Commencement Ceremony 2014

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Dear Students, 

The Graduate Commencement Ceremony (Institute of Social Sciences-Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences) will take place on Sunday July 6th, 2014  (hour: 19.00) at santralistanbul Campus. The rules and regulations that are to be followed in order to have the best ceremony are listed below. We believe that you will show the outmost care and we wish you a joyful commencement ceremony. 

The distribution will be made on the day of the ceremony at entrance of ÇSM building in santralistanbul Campus between 16:30 – 17:30 hours. 

The ceremony will begin at the time mentioned above. The participating students should arrive at the meeting places (ÇSM, 401-402-403-404) no later than an hour and a half before the ceremony’s inception. We kindly advise our students not to keep any personal possessions at, around, and during the ceremony. 

The professional video recordings that will take place within the ceremonial area will be available for pick up at the  Student Support Office (ÇSM-107) free of charge. 

The invitations will be handed-out during the gown distribution. The students can only enter the ceremony’s grounds by displaying their Student ID cards. 

Two hours before the ceremony, shuttle services will be available every 15 minutes from Kabataş Pier to santralistanbul Campus free of charge. Once the ceremony ends, there will be shuttle services back to the Kabataş Pier. Parking lots are available at the ceremony.

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