2015-2016 Academic Year English Language Proficiency Exam Results

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Please click here for the results of the English Language Proficiency Exam for the applicants of 2015-2016 Academic Year Exchange Programs and 2014-2015 Erasmus Internship Program. 

As it is stated in our website application page, students who have a score of 55 points and above are considered to be successful. Students with a score of between 50 to 54 points may be placed to a university in which the language of instruction is other than English, such as German or French. These students required to bring an acceptable “Language Proficiency Document” that shows that the students is proficient at the level of the language which the accepting university requires, as per the information stated in our website for that university. Or, provide the high school diploma where the high school’s language of instruction is the same as the university which the student would like attend, no later than March 20th, 2015. 

Regarding the students who did not attend the exam, no excuses will be accepted other than the ones that are proved with an acceptable document (such as a full-fledged state hospital health report, military service report, etc.). Should a student have a health report approved by a private hospital(s), those reports will be sent to the Medical Director of our university to be approved. A report that is not approved by the Medical Director will not be accepted. Evaluation of the students who did not attend the exam, will be in accordance to the Article 30 of the Credit Bachelor and Pre-Bachelor Program Exam Regulations of İstanbul Bilgi University. Article 30 can be reached here

For the students who fulfill the conditions in the Article 30, make-up exam will be held on March 25,2015 at 10:00. Therefore students should submit their doctor reports until March 20,2015 at 12:00.

The dates for the placement interviews for the students who succeeded in the English proficiency exam will be announced by March 25th, 2015. All students are responsible for following the announcements made by the International Center/Erasmus Office, calendar dates for the activities and their own missing documents, if any.

Any objections to the results of English Language Proficiency Exam, can be submitted to Miss Ayşe Sefer (ayse.sefer@bilgi.edu.tr – 0212 311 61 79) at the English Language Programs Department in the Kustepe Campus, together with their objection petitions until March 20th, 2015, 17:00 hours. Please click here for a sample letter for objection.