LSE Global Dimensions Program

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Founded in 1895 and considered the second best university in England with 16 Nobel laureate graduates, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has initiated the Global Dimensions Program.  This program was developed by LSE Enterprise for senior year undergraduate students and new graduates of the Universidad Europea de Madrid and now BİLGİ junior year Faculty of Economics students and all other senior students are eligible to join in!

As an interdisciplinary program, students will participate in an academic training headed by the experienced professionals from the LSE academics, followed by a voluntary internship period.  Students will also have the chance to go to conferences, visit various institutions in England, and participate in LSE seminars.

To get further information about the program and submit an application please visit the Student Support Center on the santralistanbul campus in room z-106 or send an email to

The structure of the program is as follows:

Part 1:

10 week Academic Program (January - March)
         Module 1 – Global Business Dimensions (72 hours)
         Module 2 – Strategic International Marketing (72 hours)
         Module 3 – Economics of Public Policy (72 hours)

Part 2:

Applied Program (April - May)
         Module 4 – Project Analysis (72 hours)
         Module 5 – Professional Development (72 hours)

 If the internship application is accepted (to begin in May)
         Module 6 – Minimum 300 hours (8 weeks) or 600 hours (16 weeks)

The first installment of the program is currently underway with 35 Universidad Europea de Madrid students.  The next installment will begin in January 2016.