Student Council Departmental/International Student Representation Elections

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Departmental Student Representation Elections and International Student Representation Elections are going to be held together  in November 23-24-25, 2016 to constitute the Student Council that will be in charge in the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic terms at İstanbul Bilgi University. 

Students fulfilling the following Candidacy Application Conditions can apply for the Departmental Student Representation Elections that will be held for all our departments operating under our Faculties, Schools of Higher Education, Vocational Schools of Higher Education, and Institutions.

International Degree Students can apply for the candidacy either for Departmental or International Student Representation Elections.
• All International Degree Students can apply for the candidacy of International Student Representation Elections who meet the Candidacy Application Conditions mentioned below.
• Voting for International Student Representation Elections will only be available for International Degree Students of Bilgi University. 

Our students who will run for departmental representations are required to deliver their applications between the dates of October 21 and November 07, 2016, to the Student Support Center (santralistanbul Campus, next to E-3 Building) by hand or submit via email to the address of The candidates must fill in the following Application Form, Introductory Campaign Rules, and Candidate Introduction Text.

Candidacy Application Conditions:

• They must be the registered students of an associate, undergraduate, postgraduate program or English Language Preparatory Program in executed by the respective department.
For the students of an associate, undergraduate or English Language Preparatory Program, they must be benefiting from the studentship rights within the scope of the “İstanbul Bilgi University Credit-based Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations” and for postgraduate students, they must be benefiting from “İstanbul Bilgi University Graduate Education Regulations”.

• Special students, those who are educated at the University within the scope of an exchange program, and equivalency students may not be candidates; the students of a minor program may not be candidates as the student representatives of the department where they receive their minor study; those who study double major or in multiple programs can run for the representation of only a single  department.

• Their normal educational period must not have been expired.

• There must not be the possibility of graduation at the end of the semester in which the elections will be held in consideration of the classes they take and of the curricula of the departments.

• They must not  have frozen their registration or taken a time-off in the semester in which the elections will be held.

• They must not have been subject to a disciplinary penalty of temporary suspension of their registration.

• In terms of academic achievement, their overall grade point average must be 2.00 for the associate and undergraduate students, 2.80 for the postgraduate students, and 3.20 for the PhD students; the condition of overall grade point average is not sought in the candidacy of representing the Preparation Program in English Language and in the candidates receiving the classes of the initial semester of their actual education.

• They must not be members or at the service of the organs of a political party.

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Candidate Application Form for Departmental Elections
Candidate Application Form for International Student Representation 
Introductory Campaign Rules
Candidate Introduction Text
Student Council Directive
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