Security Arrangements of the BİLGİ Campuses

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Dear BİLGİ members,

We would like to share the new developments about the security systems of our University, revised and enhanced in the light of recent developments.

As of March 1st, 2017, entrance to the santralistanbul Campus will be conducted with the BİLGİ identity cards, as applied presently in the Dolapdere, Kuştepe and Kozyatağı campuses. In addition, you need to keep your BİLGİ cards with you in order to make use of any shuttle service providing transport to the campuses.

The students who did not receive their student ID cards can apply to the Student Affairs offices at the respective campus.
Academic and administrative staff will present newly distributed BİLGİ identity cards.

For santralistanbul Campus, our guests will be lead to the car park entrance; they will be given a visitor’s card in return of an ID card and then will pass through a simple control point.  

Our guests coming from outside the University will not be able to use the shuttle services as of March 1st, 2017. 

Guests arriving with their own cars may use our paid car park services.

Those who will prefer public transport may use İETT buses.You may get information about bus lines from İETT web site by typing the following bus stop names in 'Search Lines or Stops' section.
* for santralistanbul Campus: 'Bilgi University' bus stop
* for Kuştepe Campus: 'Kuştepe Muhtarlığı' bus stop
* for Dolapdere Campus: 'Yenişehir' bus stop
* for Kozyatağı Campus: 'Kozyatağı' bus stop

Our guests may arrive our campuses by metro
* for Kuştepe Campus: Mecidiyeköy metro station
* for Kozyatağı Campus: Kozyatağı metro station 
* for Dolapdere Campus: Taksim metro station (by taxi for Dolapdere)

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