About BİLGİ Learn (for undergraduate students)

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Dear Students, 

As of 25.09.2017, your courses for the Fall semester are available in the BİLGİ Learn LMS system (with the exception of the English Prep. School). This year, the School of Advanced Vocational Studies and the Vocational School of Health Studies will also be using the BİLGİ Learn (Blackboard) LMS system and the system has been updated. For your convenience in using the BİLGİ Learn system, we would like to remind you of the following:

Access to the system:
• All courses will be available through https://learn.bilgi.edu.tr
• You can login using your bilgi-mail and password.
• If you receive an incorrect password warning while logging in, please write "Bilgipass" and SMS to 2322, use the temporary 8-character long password you will receive in response to logi in to https://sis.bilgi.edu.tr and follow on-screen instructions to renew your password.

Please click on the link for System Access video. 
Please click on the link for System Access guide. 

Access to your Courses: 
After you logined to the system you can reach to your courses from Courses menu. 
Please click on the link for Access to your Courses video. 

Help and Support:
• For access or login problems, you can e-mail lms.support@bilgi.edu.tr or call UZEM through 0212 311 5566.
• You can find help documents and videos for BİLGİ Learn in https://lmssupport.bilgi.edu.tr/ or though the "Support" link inside the BİLGİ Learn platform.
• For individual and face to face support, please go to https://lmssupport.bilgi.edu.tr and set up an appointment by clicking "Make an Appointment".
• You should use and activate your BİLGİ e-mail for all kind of communication about your courses and your instructors.