By-Elections for Departmental Student Representation

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By-elections will be held on 21-22-23 November 2017 at İstanbul Bilgi University for the departments whose representative was not elected in the ordinary elections last year for Representatives to be appointed in the 2016--2018 academic years.

The by-elections will be held for the following departments that do not have representatives:

English Language Programs 
English Preparatory Program

Faculty of Communication
Department of Communication Design  and Management 
Department of Film

Faculty of Architecture 
Department of Interior Design

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Department of Computer Science
Department of Genetics  and Bioengineering 
Department of Mechanical Engineering 
Department of Mathematics 

Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Perfusion

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of Comparative Literature
Department of Music  
Department of Psychology 

School of Aviation
Department of Aviation Management 

School of Applied Sciences
Department of Banking and Finance  
Department of Fashion Design 
Department of International Logistics  and  Transportation 
Department of International Retail  Management 

Vocational School of Justice
Department of Justice

School of Advanced Vocational Studies
Department of Computer Technology
Department of International Trade 
Department of Finance Banking and Insurance 
Department of Visual, Auditory Techniques  and Media  Productions
Department of Construction   
Department of Architecture  and Urban Planning 
Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies 
Department of Accounting and Tax  
Department of Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Services 
Department of Marketing  and Advertising
Department of Design 
Department of Transportation  Services 
Department of Management  and Organization 

Vocational School of Health Services
Department of Childcare and Youth Services 
Department of Dentistry Services 
Department of Property Protection and Security  
Department of Social Services  and Advising 
Department of Therapy  and Rehabilitation 
Department of Medical  Services  and Techniques 

Social Sciences Institute 

Natural Sciences Institute 

Health  Sciences Institute 

Our students who will be candidates for the Departmental Student Representation Elections must deliver their applications to the Student Support Center (the container at the back of the Events Tent at santralistanbul Campus) by hand or by email from between the dates of 16 and 31 October 2017. The candidates must fill in the Application Form, Introductory Campaign Rules, and Candidate Introduction Text provided below.

Our students meeting the following Application Conditions for Candidacy will be able to make their applications for the by-elections to be held for all of our departments acting under the Faculties, Schools of Higher Education, Vocational School of Higher Education, and Institutes.

Application Conditions for Candidacy:
• The candidates must  be the ones who are registered student of an associate, undergraduate, or postgraduate program or preparation program in English Language.
• Their normal educational period must not have been expired.
• There must not be the possibility of graduation at the end of the semester in which the elections will be held in consideration of the classes they take and of the curricula of the departments.
• They must not have frozen their registration or taken a time-off in the semester in which the elections will be held.
• They must not have been subject to a disciplinary penalty of temporary suspension of their registration.
• Special students, those who are educated at the University within the scope of an exchange program, and equivalency students may not be candidates; the students of a minor program may not be candidates as the student representatives of the department where they receive their minor study; those who study double major or in multiple programs can run for the representation of only a single department. 
• In terms of academic achievement, their overall grade point average must be 2,00 for the associate and undergraduate students, 2,80 for the postgraduate students, and 3,20 for the PhD students (The condition of overall grade point average is not sought in the candidacy of representing the Preparation Program in English Language and in the candidates receiving the classes of the initial semester of their actual education).
• The condition of overall grade point average is not sought in the candidacy of representing the Preparation Program in English Language and in the candidates receiving the classes of the initial semester of their actual education.

Click here for the Candidate Application Form.

Click here for the Introductory Campaign Rules.

Click here for the Candidate Introduction Text.

Click here for the Election Calendar.

Click here for the Election Guidebook.

Click here for the Student Council Directive.