Course: Visual Programming: TouchDesigner

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Date: April 11-15,  2016
Time: 12.00-18.00
Place: santralistanbul Campus, E1-101A

Lecturer: Stanislav Glazov (Licht.Pfad Studio, Berlin)

The lecture is organized within the "DECOLAV302-Visual Programming" course of DECOL Academy, one of the projects of İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication .



About Course:
Workshop is aimed at university students, communication and new media professionals, architects, set designers, musicians and creative people who want to expand their interaction design skills. The workshop has limited admissions. ( 12 - 15 students)

Experience Level: Intermediate
Our course is designed for a relatively short time to immerse the student in the maximum number of aspects of the platform, to give an idea of sustainable working with 3D graphics, sound processing and synchronization with music programs, and provide skills to create the user interface for their applications.

Course structure:

• Day 01: Basics of interface “Data Types Basic” setup and render output to projectors / screens working with geometry integration with Houdini

• Day 02: Advanced control of video playback CHOP and working with live data. Working with events. Key animation. (Animation Comp). Working with tabular data and scripting. Basics of character setup.

• Day 03: Compositing and work with textures Shading – minimalism
Shading – Photorealism Shading – the basics of GLSL shading

• Day 04: Sound analysis Synchronization TD with Ableton Live Integration with Resolume 
Approaches to create the audio reactive graphics

• Day 05: Creating an user interface Working with arrays of data. Generation of nodes Cloning and creation of external operators (tox) Optimization of the patch and performance.

• Day 06: Approaches to video mapping. Working with Kinect. Technology of chromakeying. Generation of geometry based on the depth map. Working with skeleton. Overview of input and output data – the connection of various devices (Midi controllers, DMX, Arduino, etc.) For a total 28 hours.

About TouchDesigner:
TouchDesigner is a media platform for visual programming of generative 3D and 2D graphics, video mapping, interactive installations and for creating applications. TouchDesigner Derivative ( Canada ) was set up as an offshoot of SideFX Houdini with the possibility of realtime rendering with OpenGL, that’s why it has powerful features and ease of working with 3D graphics. This system not only has wealth of opportunities to work with sound, but also the most visual interface that facilitates the learning process for a creative person with no programming experience. Currently, the TouchDesigner users – is a fastgrowing community. TouchDesigner is used to create such spectacular works as KineticLights/GRID, Bot & Dolly’s BOX, Dromos & ObE, Amon Tobin ISAM, and more. The worldwide projects developed for famous musicians such as Richie Hawtin, Biosphere, Raster-Noton label’s top artists. TouchDesigner is perfect for rapid prototyping of any creative impulse, as well as for video mapping, creation of media servers, interactive and media installations, such as Cinechamber, light, sensors and robots control systems for shows, used in movies production, and control systems for media contents used in theatrical productions.

Who shall join?
The course is designed for media artists, VJ, interested in 3D graphics, and musicians who want to expand their visual performance show.