Univerzete announces its 150th issue

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Univerzete is an online weekly magazine published by the students of Faculty of Communication. It has been published online on zete.com. The crew is more than happy to announce its 150th issue, which they consider as a huge milestone for both their own carreers and for the promising future of the Univerzete. “Univerzete has been published on every Thursday for 3 years and it will continue to be the voice of young adults” Chief Editor, İlgi Özdikmenli says. They don’t identify themselves as a news report magazine, rather they make remarks on what a college student would think on both local and global issues. They make reviews on shows, movies, and art exhibitions; and give recommendations about events and places. İlgi claims, “If we think we don’t have the knowledge to write about a certain topic, we interview someone who has more experience.” She also adds, “ It has been quite a great journey but we never stop thinking about what else can be done to make Univerzete better. Our passion will be a locomotive for us to be the weekly voice of the young generation.”

To read their issues; you can visit zete.com and for more information about their content, follow them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram @univerzete.