INNES Vienna International Visiting Summer Program 2015

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Date: July 13-24, 2015
Place: santralistanbul Campus

INNES Vienna International Network for Educational Support in Higher Education implements and promotes international Summer Schools and German Language Courses for students, graduates and professionals. It is a proactive part of the summer schools network in Europe with the collaboration of International Exchange Erasmus Student Network, The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE), IAESTE BOKU, iHouse, OEAD,, Wiener Bildungspass, ÖSD, Organisation serbischer Studenten im Ausland Wien (OSSAW), Centro de idiomas de la Universidad de León etc.

INNES starts to collaborate with İstanbul Bilgi University in 2015 to initiate summer programs outside of Austria of which the first one will be held in Istanbul. Two weeks long summer program has a focus on idiosyncratic architectural culture of the city starting from 19th century and current dynamics of the architectural practice. On this ground, contemporary conservation and reservation approaches and today’s urban strategies will be explored. The program aims to create a comprehensive understanding of architectural culture of Istanbul in the last two centuries; and further situate it in today’s context. Within an intensive schedule of two weeks, the transformation of the city starting from late Ottoman period and its social/spatial layers up to the present will be covered. Combined with theoretical presentations by researchers and practitioners, the changing face of the city and the architectural reflections will be experienced by excursions. 

The first week offers an overview of the tale of Istanbul with the focus on the transformations underwent during the 19th century as an Ottoman capital. Later, the impact of the republican era up until the early 20th century will be addressed. As the second week, the given information will be superimposed to the contemporary architectural practices in Istanbul through specific themes. Accompanied with the excursions to the selected sites under guidance of the specialists, the change in the material and construction, atmosphere and proportion will be personally experienced. The aim here is to introduce the participants the historical backdrops and recent developments as well as the visible results and their impacts on the experience of the city. 

The morning lectures will be in İstanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Architecture. The program has social activities including film screening and social meet-ups at different locations as a supplementary to fruitful academic sessions. In the end a comparative assignment will be expected from the participants depending on the credit requirements and free will of the participants concerning the format. The assignments and their content will be delivered in the first half of the second week.

BUILDING ISTANBUL, THEN AND NOW! is the first summer program by INNES that will be held outside of Vienna and it is organically related with the Austrian Architectural Culture summer program which has been held since the initial years of the network. For those who would like to join both Austrian Architectural Culture and Building (in) Istanbul programs there will be a special discount.
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Objectives of the Summer Program:
- Insight into hotspots of architectural culture in Istanbul (past and present)
- Two weeks/two different focuses and multiple themes 
- Theoretical lectures in combination with excursions
-Experience the city on foot, by bike, from the ferries and the window frame of a bus
- Public evening lectures by experts
- Specialist-led tours to historical and current building sites
- Visits to architectural offices, museums, companies and research institutions
-Meet with the current practice of architecture, difficulties and potentials from the design desk
-Think about conservation, transformation and future correlations
-Meet with peers from all over the world and compare and contrast 19th/20th century architectural cultures in different geographies
- Social program

Deadline for Application: 25th June, 2015 

Student: 700 Euro  /Others: 950 Euro    

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INNES Vienna Summer Schools Coordinator: Mitar Pitzek


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